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ESTA Standards Watch - CAB - 15.05.2020

The latest issue of ESTA Standards Watch is now available at http://estalink.us/hd1z7.
News items in this issue include:
  • Three ESTA draft standards in public review.

  • The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide is published.

  • ANSI Seeks Feedback on ISO Proposal Managing School Trip Risk.

  • Germicidal UV advice.

  • WTO Technical Barrier to Trade notifications: chemical risk evaluation in the USA; toxic mixes in the EU.

  • ANSI public reviews: identifying loss of productivity; daylighting for buildings; laser safety; biosafety cabinetry; canine detection of explosives; harmonizing UL low-voltage gear standards with the IEC; and rigging hardware.

  • New ANS projects: professional cannabis extractors; vehicle-mounted lifting devices; unmanned aircraft systems; AV rack systems; powered theatre curtain machines; stage floor machinery; and a recommended practice for UV germicidal irradiation.

  • Final actions on ANSs: lighting equipment EMC and harmonic currents; radiation detector standard data format; bridge welding code; professional Legionella water safety; intelligent buildings; 16 IES standards; and a UL standard for LED modules.

  • Draft IEC & ISO docs: low-voltage switch gear; smart cities, UV lamp photobiological safety; harmonic currents; optical disk data storage; home RF cabling; generic cabling; and cybersecurity.

  • Recently published IEC & ISO docs: IP for rotating machinery; Fieldbus profiles; PROFIBUS & PROFINET; tower cranes; building automation; logistics flow visibility; cybersecurity; addressing consumer issues; and low-voltage switchgear.

  • TSP meeting schedule with more meetings.

  • TSP donors who have made long-term, multi-year pledges.

  • Investors in Innovation, supporters of ESTA's Technical Standards Program.
The archive of all the Standards News and Standards Watch issues back to the beginning of 2011 is available at http://estalink.us/nn7a1.